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Enlightened Health Project

Support Circle for Wisdom, Transformation and Well-Being

Group Coaching Themes

Our well-being circle provides ongoing coaching and support for a range of inter-connected topics.  Here's a brief outline of the main themes that are included:

Health and Personal Development

Personal Development and Wisdom

Learn practical skills which will help you in life, including:

  • Improving self-esteem, assertiveness and confidence skills
  • Gain personal insight and release blocks to well-being in all areas of your life
  • Improve your relationships: partner, work, family
  • Increase your work and career success, and align with your true purpose
  • Learn ways to manage challenging situations easily and confidently
Spirituality, Mind and Metaphysics

Spirituality, Mind and Metaphysics

Explore and develop your spiritual connection:

  • Learn how to practice mindfulness and to live more peacefully in each present moment
  • Discover the nature of mind, consciousness, and personal experience
  • Gain clarity about the metaphysics of reality, spirituality, health, emotions, and well-being
  • Understand Eastern and Western approaches to mind and body, and how this impacts your health
  • Experience true spiritual connection in your everyday life
Holistic Health and Therapies

Holistic Health and Therapies

Well-Being for Mind, Body and Soul:

  • Understand the inextricable unity of mind, body, emotions and spiritual connection
  • Explore how your environment impacts your health, relationships and beliefs
  • Integrate holistic health into your life and improve your levels of health and happiness
  • Learn practical skills, remedies and therapies: massage, acupressure, nutrition, reflexology and more..
  • Release emotional stress and energetic blocks easily and effectively
Emotional Health and Chronic Illness

Emotional Health and Chronic Illness

Realise the impact of long term stress on your health:

  • Learn new ways of dealing with stress and emotional triggers
  • Discover how your relationships may be either enhancing or depleting your energy levels
  • Understand the nature of emotions, and how you can manage them more effectively
  • Explore practical tips and methods for managing chronic illness
  • Understand how unresolved stress, trauma and emotional difficulty affects long term illness
Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Autoimmunity

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Autoimmunity

Learn how to reduce your stress and make a positive impact on these conditions:

  • Explore the relationship between long term stress, chronic fatigue and autoimmune conditions
  • Learn how to recognise, and to deal with, the triggers which may be exacerbating your condition
  • Implement practical steps to reduce or eliminate unpleasant symptoms
  • Create new life patterns and personal skills which support your health, not undermine it
  • Receive ongoing practical and emotional support for your long term recovery
Spiritual and Intuitive Sensitivity

Spiritual and Intuitive Sensitivity

Learn how to thrive as a highly intuitive person:

  • Recognise, and learn how to effectively manage unhealthy or toxic relationships in your life
  • Learn how to maintain consistently high energy levels and prevent emotional burnout
  • Understand how your high sensitivity may be affect you on a physical, mental and emotional level
  • Learn practical ways to establish healthy emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries
  • Discover how your trait relates to spiritual awakening
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